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Rosie Newton began playing fiddle at age eight. She grew up immersed in the rich folk music scene of Woodstock NY, attending concerts and parties with her mother, Celtic cellist Abby Newton. Rosie attended college in Ithaca NY, where she studied Viola Performance. She was quickly swept up by that area’s music scene, which infused her with a deep appreciation for the beauty and diversity of roots music. Rosie’s interests now span a wide range of musical styles, from Irish and old time to country and pop. She recently toured the Northeast playing zydeco fiddle with Louisiana legend Preston Frank. Newton currently performs in a duo with Richie Stearns, and plays with The Duhks, Red Dog Run, the Evil City Stringband, Home Remedy and occationally The Pearly Snaps and Ferintosh. She has created two CD's with her duo projects: The Pearly Snaps self titled in 2010, and Tractor Beam Richie and Rosie in 2013; and recently released a new CD with her newest project, Red Dog Run. Her fiddling can also be found on the new Duhks record called Beyond the Blue. Newton has taught fiddle at Sunshine Coast School of Celtic music, the Taylor Music Festival and the Black Pot Camp. Rosie has appeared at major US music festivals (Newport Folk Festival, Philadelphia Folk Festival, MerleFest, DelFest) and has performed with Natalie Merchant, Chris Eldridge (Punch Brothers), and Jefferson Hamer (Anaïs Mitchell/Child Ballads). She hopes to continue traveling the world, meeting musicians of all kinds, and exchanging with them her own musical perspective.